From inception to now, and everything in between

Tonnellerie Radoux has been making barrels for over 50 years.
The following is a timeline of the history of Tonnellerie Radoux.

  • Radoux Cooperage 1947

    Robert Radoux creates the business. Main activity, repair and maintenance of barrels and tanks.

  • Radoux Cooperage 1977

    Christian Radoux, Master Cooper, takes over the cooperage.

  • Radoux Wordmark 1982

    The family-owned business becomes a corporation. The cooperage first manufactures mainly tanks and casks then starts producing barrels.

  • Sciage du Berry-oak aging

    A stave-mill, Sciage du Berry, is created.

  • Training school for coopers opens in the cooperage with Robert Radoux in charge.

  • Creation of two subsidiaries: France Merrain, second stave-mill, and Pronektar, a wine making supply company.

  • Implementation of a quality-oriented strategy.
Creation of a subsidiary in Australia, B.H. Oak.
Launching of the first “Toiles de Fonds”, Barrel Head Exhibit: an art competition on barrel heads.

  • Creation of one subsidiary: Tonnellerie Radoux USA in California

  • TFF Group-parent company Logo

    Radoux Cooperage joins the François Frères Cooperage Group, undisputed world leader both in the barrel industry for aging wines and spirits and for alternative oak oenological products.