Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our company culture. It is what motivates our constant demand for quality and our strategy of research and innovation.

1 - Personalized tasting programs

The principal commitment of Radoux is to deliver to each and every customer a product which meets with their requirements and to do everything possible to increase their satisfaction. We constantly aim to plan, develop, control and improve every aspect of our production and working methods.

An oenologist/sales manager is constantly at your disposal. An expert in tasting, he/she can recommend the barrel which will suit your requirements, check that the delivery corresponds to your order, regularly visit to check on the progress of your wine, and help you decide at the end of the aging process whether any adjustments are necessary for the next vintage. Radoux brings its know-how into your cellars with a personalized series of tastings by our team of specialists based in all the wine regions over the globe. A travelling after sales service team is available to visit you on site to guide you on any questions you may have on the use and maintenance of our barrels. It also ensures the setting up of your large capacity containers.

A fully fledged partner in the aging of wines, Radoux takes a long term commitment alongside the Master Cellarmen and oenologists who put their trust in them. Because the « best » barrel is the one which will enable you to obtain precisely the wine you are seeking to create.

Radoux Pants

2 - Our quality references

In 1995, we were granted ISO 9001 certification, confirming our System of quality management. This commitment to quality has been applied since the creation of the company, part and parcel of our culture covering today the following areas :

  • Quality of conception, production and sales of 225 to 500 liter barrels,
  • International technical support to customers,
  • Control of critical points of food safety during production,
  • Safety of staff and equipment,
  • Reduction of environmental impacts of our activity,
  • Control of receipt and maturation cycle of raw staves.

Radoux is happy to send its customers (upon request) a Quality Manual which describes its approach and procedures.

Radoux Quality Control 2

3 - Respect of regulations

Radoux ensures the sanitary and organoleptic safety of its barrels through:

  • The use of the HACCP method in accordance with the recommendations,
    of the Fédération des Tonneliers de France,
  • Control programs of the raw material, consumables, water and atmosphere
    (TCA, TBA, PCP… ),
  • Control programs of maturation time, grain, temperature of the toast,
  • Identification and strict traceability at every stage of production,
  • Control plans for the raw material, finished product and environment (TCA, TBA, PCP…, grain, length and temperature of toast and bousinage…),
  • Identification and rigorous traceability at every stage of production.