27 June 2016 Thomas Berthon


Three main benefits:

-It can help to remove part of vegetal aromas
(when no powder has been used in the early stage)
-It helps to maintain color
-It gives volume and character to wines (but little aromas)

Can be used in the fermenting tank at the very start of fermentation.

Granulates Nektarfresh

27 June 2016 Thomas Berthon


Chips can be kept in wines from 3 to 6 weeks (after 6 weeks the extraction of all phenols and aromas is over).

Their contribution to wines is twofold:

They give four types of aromas for French Oak:
-aldehyde phenols (vanillin)
-phenols volatile (cloves)
-octolactones (coco)
-furanes (almonds)
-plus oaky or spicy characters.

Two types of aromas for American Oak:

-coco (octolactones)
-AO giving a sort of “sugar character” to wines
-They also give phenols (tannins), especially French Oak, and therefore help give strength and maintain color.

Designed to be used during aging, just after alcoholic fermentation.


27 June 2016 Thomas Berthon


Their contribution to wines is the same as chips (aromas & phenols) but much better in terms of quality.

3 to 5 months is a very good period for wine to blend and integrate all these components. We strongly recommend that staves be fixed in tanks (a system is available that is adaptable and can be removed easy).

Two reasons for this:

Their toasting is homogeneous and even. Staves, all being the same size, and 7 or 12 mm thick, allows the heat to penetrate step by step inside the stave. With great care it produces very fine thermo degradation.

When staves are used in wines, extraction is very progressive. Wine penetrates at the speed of 1 mm per month. Within 3 months (medium staves) or 5 months (long staves) it will be right in the center of the staves, having extracted all phenolic and aromatic compounds.
Staves are to be used during fermentation of white wines (chardonnay) and aging of reds. They are designed for wines of the medium price range that will be on the market within 6 to 12 months after harvest.


27 June 2016 Thomas Berthon


Pronektar Stick Sets are perfect to revitalize an older, neutral barrel.

Available in French or American oak, the sticks are secured to the bottom of the bung and dropped into the barrel where they should age with the wine for a minimum of 8 months. The sticks come in sets of 3 (17mm staves) assembled in a mesh bag and are one of the most popular products we offer.

Barrel Stick Set

27 June 2016 Thomas Berthon