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Tonnellerie Radoux Inc. uses the tightest-grain oak selected from different forests throughout France, Eastern Europe & United States. Each barrel is produced to meet a wine’s and winemaker’s distinctive style, and personalized service is reinforced by strict quality control to ensure consistency.

French Oak Barrels

  • Medium Grain: This is a fairly new option for Radoux’s French Oak customers and is the quickest oak extraction of the three French Oak options. This is a perfect fit for those customers barrel aging wines for 12 months or less and works particularly well with shorter aged wines like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
  • Mixed Grain: This selection is 50% Tight Grain and 50% Medium Grain. Available in White Wine Selection (WWS) or Red Wine Selection (RWS); Classic or Evolution toast styles.  
  • Tight Grain: This is Radoux’s most popular French Oak Barrel. Due to the Tight Grain, the oak extraction is much slower than the Medium Grain Barrels and is recommended for any wine aging in barrels for 12-24 months.
  • Extra Tight Grain "Blend": Only the Highest Quality, Tightest-Grain Oak is selected and produced into Radoux’s Extra Tight, “Reserve BLEND” barrels. Due to the grain tightness, oak extraction is very slow and it is recommended for wine (particularly red Bordeaux and other longer aged varietals) aging in barrels for 18-24 months. See Reserve Blend Barrels.

Barrel Options

American Oak Barrels

  • Missouri Oak: The Missouri Oak Barrels are a great all-purpose barrel, for white wines the characteristics are coconut in the nose with a sweet vanilla cream in the palate. For red wines, the fruit is highlighted in the nose and a “juicy” fruit quality in the palate.
  • Appalachian Oak: The Appalachian Oak Barrels have great spices in the nose and a lemon cream in the palate. Less sweet oak character which retains the perception of acidity. This is a terrific barrel for Zinfandel and Syrah, but also works well with Chardonnay.
  • 36 Month Barrels now available

Hybrid Barrels

Hybrid Barrels are a mix of oak origin and available in two standard formats: American Oak Body with French Oak Heads or 50% American Oak/50% French Oak Body with French Oak Heads

Eastern European Oak Barrels

Tight grain oak from the Caucuses region of Eastern Europe is selected and produced into Radoux’s Eastern European Oak Barrels. These barrels are available in all toast levels and are great for all types of wine and as an alternative for French Oak.
Small French Oak Barrels
Small French Oak Barrels are available in 28L, 55L & 110L sizes and are perfect for home winemakers.  Available in Medium or Medium Plus toast levels.

French Oak Tanks and Casks
Tonnellerie Radoux originally focused on the manufacture of upright tanks and casks. Today, we continue to specialize in large capacity containers. Radoux upright tanks and casks are made to measure, with the same craftsmanship and quality standards that are used in the production of barrels.

Master Coopers can advise you on the conception of customized upright tanks and casks to meet your requirements and on their set-up in the cellar to facilitate use and maintenance.

Radoux upright tanks are delivered with a sanded finish, varnished or coated with linseed oil, and hoops painted in black or plum as desired. The upright tanks rest on oak stands. Oval or Round casks are delivered with one crossbar on the back, a double crossbar on the front and a wooden trap. The crossbars on the heads are finished with a dark brown varnish. Casks rest on cradle-shaped stands. Both tanks and casks can be equipped with a variety of accessories and, depending on their capacity, they are delivered assembled or unassembled, then reassembled in your winery.

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