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From inception to now, and everything in between:

Tonnellerie Radoux has been making barrels for over 50 years. The following is a timeline of the history of Tonnellerie Radoux: 
1947- Robert Radoux creates the business. Main activity, repair and maintenance of barrels and tanks.
1956- Frost hits vineyards. Shift from cooperage to stave-mill.
1964- The cooperage activity starts again.
1977- Christian Radoux, Master Cooper, takes over the cooperage.
1982- The family-owned business becomes a corporation. The cooperage first manufactures mainly tanks and casks then starts producing barrels.
1987- A stave-mill, Sciage du Berry, is created.
1990- Training school for coopers opens in the cooperage with Robert Radoux in charge.
1991- Creation of two subsidiaries: France Merrain, second stave-mill, and Pronektar, a wine making supply company.
1992- Creation of subsidiary in South Africa.
1993- Implementation of a quality-oriented strategy.
Creation of a subsidiary in Australia, B.H. Oak.
Launching of the first "Toiles de Fonds", Barrel Head Exhibit: an art competition on barrel heads.
1994- Creation of two subsidiaries: Toneleria Victoria in Spain and Tonnellerie Radoux USA in California.
1995- Subsidiaries become profitable. Quality efforts rewarded in July when the cooperage receives the ISO 9002 Certification.
1996- Increase in gross sales: 90 million of French Francs, of which 70% is realized in 22 countries.
In March, Christian Radoux receives the Legion of Honor.
1997- Tonnellerie Radoux is the 6th cooperage on the international market and 3rd in France.
The growth of Tonnellerie Radoux experienced during the last few years has lead Christian Radoux to a restructuring of the company, which will open the group to new financial possibilities. Radoux International, SA, the group holding, is created in June, 1997. The shareholders include: Michel de Tapol, President and CEO, Christian Radoux, President of the Quality Control Committee, and a Bank Corporation.
1998- Michel de Tapol brings the company on the French stock Market.
2000- Tonnellerie Radoux and Seguin Moreau merge under a new entity: Diosos, world leader in oak barrel making for fine wines. Radoux USA moves into a new expanded cooperage to accomodate the growth in the US & Foreign markets of American Oak barrels.
2001- Sabaté, second world largest producer of corks, and Diosos decide to form a partnership: Sabaté Diosos. They will make the world leader for added value products and services aimed at the world wine community.
2003- Sabaté Diosos changes its name to Oeneo Closures to reflect its vocation of world leader of added products and services aimed at the players of the world wine market
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Tonnellerie Radoux Inc. uses the tightest-grain oak selected from different forests in the center of France and the Vosges areas. The same choice of grain applies to its Eastern European oak selection. Radoux’s American Oak barrels are sourced from the highest quality white oak from Missouri, Minnesota, and the Appalachian regions. Radoux offers French, Eastern European and American Oak barrels, puncheons, tank/casks, as well as Pronektar Oak Alternatives (powder, granules, chips, segments and staves).

Radoux’s Research and Development team is dedicated to producing new toasting techniques to maximize the oak’s beneficial influence on a particular varietal of wine. In 2005, Radoux introduced the Evolution Toast, which results in a wider range of aromas and more respect of the fruit, producing a more fruit-forward wine with increased roundness and mouth feel. In 2006, Radoux is introducing a new toasting for white wines, “Special Vin Blanc,” which has been developed and tested in the Burgundy Region of France.

Each product is produced to meet a wine’s and winemaker’s distinctive style, and personalized service is reinforced by strict quality control to ensure consistency.

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